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Let Us Help You Go Green With Solar Energy

Get energy-efficient solar water heating installation from Sunpath Solar. We'll help you get started on the path to greater utility bill savings while helping the environment.


Solar Installations

Let us introduce you to the world of roof-mounted solar panels. All of our solar installations come with a "lifetime-of-the-roof" preservation warranty, and we focus on aesthetics almost as much as we do on providing stellar service.

The solar electricity you'll produce with our systems is grid intertied, as well as stand-alone. You'll also have a battery backup system, fed from your solar system or from regular grid electricity.

A grid intertied system connects to the main electrical supply coming from your municipality. This allows you to use solar power and sell any surplus, back to the utility company.

Solar Water Heater

Appreciate hot water heated by the sun. Solar pool heating is wonderful if you need heated pool therapy and there's no end to the hot water you'll enjoy.

Solar Panels

Lower Utility Bills With Solar Power

Get ready to see drastically reduced utility bills once your solar system is operational. Your rooftop panels are truly a clean energy source, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are leaving no carbon footprint.

Solar Installation & Service

Let us create the result you are looking for by helping you pick the right products for your needs. Our installation is all-inclusive, and we service everything we install, including most solar pool and all water heating systems.

License Number CVC 57021